My Life in Fashion: 2016

2016 was a crazy year, and now that it is over, I want to look back onto the amazing experiences I have had.

My resolution for this past year was to focus on myself, worry about myself and really do things for myself. Doing so has kept me away from distractions and has opened many doors for me.


My modeling, for one, has encouraged me to become more confident and has brought astounding new friends along with it. I think some of the most exciting times were when I got invited to attend fashion shows because of my skills at networking and building relationships (Elvnthhr Fashion Show). Working back-of-house and front-of-house alongside fashion show producer, Rhonda Sargent Chambers has also been quite the experience.

I have worked with Ms. Chambers for over a year and a half now, and after the most recent show I worked with her (Dallas Versace Fashion Show), she offered me a paid position on her team. This opportunity has truly allowed me to realize my own hard work and proved to me that my dedication to my resolution was paying off.


Elvnthhr Fashion Show | Invited by designer Edgar Miyamoto

My grades, though I never did poorly in the past, saw a good increase and somehow, though I was stressed with the workload, the content of the work came rather easy. Thankfully my determination was rewarded and I made the Dean’s list!

I have learned  about e-commerce, consumerism, and product development within the fashion industry in 2016 and I continue to be passionate and eager to learn more.

I would love to share all the photos of my life this past year; I have had so many beautiful things happen to me, but I will focus this post on my life and career in fashion.vers-logo

I decided to release my blog on my 20th birthday because I wanted to start my adulthood doing something I am passionate about. I will use my blog as a platform to share my experiences and life, which hopefully you are up for the journey.

Now, in 2017 it is time to set a new resolution and it has been quite arduous to think about.

2017 Resolution: I will continue to focus on myself, however, I want to start enjoying my life even more. I find myself being so restrictive, I would study but not enjoy my life enough, that will now change. On the weekends I would like to bring myself out of comfort-zone and explore new things and places. I will start to embrace who I am, and I will no longer shy away from sharing the things I like and don’t like because of the opinions of others. I will stand up for the things I believe in and I will bring a positive change to the lives of others, as well as, myself.

2017 should be a great year, with its ups and downs of course, nevertheless, a great year.

~Chanell X.

Picture Sources: Fash.n Team (Stranded in the 60’s shoot)


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