Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Wake up and smell the Roses

Wake up and smell the roses! Spring is upon us and flowers are blooming. Here is a little

collage I put together to give you a look at the newest trend. From the runways of New York to Paris, embroidery has made its way back into fashion. Not only is embroidery taking over but, more specifically rose embroidery. This flower has been reappearing onto denim, tops, shoes, accessories and many other things. I have personally taken a liking to this trend and invested in a motorcycle jacket and black high-waisted denim, flaunting rose embroidery. As I look around, many of my friends have also quickly adapted to the new and upcoming trend.

2017-03-22 07.14.51 1

My high-waisted embroidered jeans, and faux leather jacket.


This collage is to help you understand how the rose trend can be adapted into your everyday look! It can be dressed up or dressed down and can give an artistic and interesting twist to any outfit. One can simply throw on rose-embroidered jeans and a plain t-shirt and look well put-together.


This trend will most likely carry on into, at least, the beginning of next year, so what are you waiting for? Wake up and smell the roses, before it’s too late.
~Chanell X.

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