A 20 year old girl who loves modeling, business, fashion, traveling and fashion show amongst other things like politics and art.

I am a double major planning to graduate in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in merchandising, and a bachelors degree in digital retailing.

My passion is in consumerism and I love to understand how we as humans interact with the retailing industry and how it effects us psychologically. Great products, clothes, etc. can make us feel like the most confident person in this world.

I have always loved to write and wanted a platform to express it on, I want to share with the world how I look at things. Many popular blogs out there today revolve around fashion, while I will too have fashion I want my blog to be a place of discovery. Everyone who visits my site should be able to discover something new, that is my goal! Please share and subscribe to one of my dreams, my blog…

~Chanell X.

Picture Sources: Michaela Bull ft. Maia


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